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Presidential Palace Nicolau Lobato, February 8, 2018 – Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri today had his usual weekly audience with the President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lu Olo and informed that the Government supports the date of the early election, which the Head of State decided will be held on 12 May.

The Prime Minister said that the Government will support the CNE and STAE with the necessary means to organize a transparent and fair election, despite the current budgetary limitations.

Mari Alkatiri also said that good conditions will be created for people to exercise their right to vote in the early elections.

“The participation of the people in these elections will be higher than in the election of 2017, because a larger dissemination (of information)will be made,” declared the Head of Government.

“The Government is considering increasing the number of polling booths or their placement closest to voters in remote locations. The government will also consider how to make it possible for students and workers who are in Dili to vote in Dili,” added the Prime Minister.

The President of the Republic set the date of the early election after consulting the CNE, STAE, the Government and representatives of the five political parties with parliamentary seats, namely FRETILIN, CNRT, PLP, PD and KHUNTO, on the electoral calendar .

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