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President Francisco Guterres Lú Olo met with representatives of the parliamentary parties, the National Election Commission (CNE) and the Director General of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) to inform the political parties on the calendar of the early election.

Representatives of the FRETILIN, CNRT, PLP, PD and KHUNTO parties heard the President’s explanation of the timing of the early election which resulted from previous consultations of the Head of State with the CNE and STAE.

CNE President Alcino Baris and STAE Director General Acilino Branco also informed the party representatives about the preparations that both agencies have already made and the procedures that the parties will have to follow in order to run in the upcoming election.

The representatives of the political parties had no obstacles to the timetable presented by the Head of State and all agreed to comply.

The parliamentary parties expressed their readiness to participate in the early election in accordance with the date the Head of State will determine.

At an earlier meeting, the second held on the electoral calendar with the Minister of State Administration, the CNE and STAE the President of the Republic urged the commitment of the two electoral administration bodies in order to create the right conditions and no difficulties for citizens, enabling a large number of people to exercise their right to vote.

The Head of State also asked the CNE and STAE to ensure a clean and orderly election as has happened in the previous parliamentary election that earned the praise of the international community.

To the parties, the President of the Republic expressed his expectation that they establish a good working cooperation with the relevant electoral structures and expressed his hope for their success in the early elections.

The meeting with the representatives of the political parties was the last initiative of the President of the Republic before setting the date, due in a short time, of the early election.

Presidential Palace Nicolau Lobato, February 7, 2018.

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