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The President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lu Olo and officials of the Presidency of the Republic planted trees in the Lahane Palace park today, with the aim of greening the environment around the Palace, an heritage building that usually hosts official initiatives.

During his brief words, the Head of State said that planting trees is a symbol of the importance of vegetation to shade and refresh the environment in a place that evokes a part of Timor-Leste’s history.

“All of us of the Presidency of the Republic have come to plant trees in these Presidency – hence State – facilities. We hope that our trees will take hold on this land and reinforce this building that has been part of our history for a long time”, President Francisco Guterres Lu Olo said.

“So, too, it continually recalls the memory of generations. Likewise, the greenery will help refresh visitors while, at the same time, pointing this place to future visitors, presidents of the republic or prime ministers who may be invited here by me or future presidents, and who may plant new trees, which will mark their visits, ” added the Head of State.

After finishing planting the trees, the President of the Republic together with the officials of the Presidency of the Republic took a meal prepared by the Presidency’s staff themselves.

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