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Presidential Palace NicolauLobato, March 8, 2018 – The President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lú Olo received today the Catholic Scout Corps of Timor-Leste and its Coordinator José Adriano Gusmão briefed the Head of State on their long and sustained action.

The Catholic Scout Corps was established in 1971, in Oecusse, having chosen as its mission to integrally form citizens. This Scout Corps is open to all and especially to young Catholics, aiming at forming them to become good people at the level of the family, society and Nation.

The movement’s activity has already yielded positive results, having developed a very strong nationalist spirit and going on to being part of the Clandestine Front and supporting the Armed Front during the fight against the Indonesian occupation.

Several members of the Scout Corps have later come to occupy public functions in the government such as Rui Araújo, former Prime Minister and current Minister of Health, Aurélio Cristovão Guterres, current Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation among others.

At the audience, the Scout Corps Coordinator asked the President of the Republic to cooperate, as the father of the Nation, with the Scouts in their mission.

The President of the Republic congratulated and expressed great recognition to the Catholic Scout Corps of Timor-Leste for their achievments in theur mission since their formation until now. The Head of State praised the courage of th group during the time of the occupation, since the Catholic Scout Corps despite the difficulties that existed continued to carry out its mission of forming Timorese persons, especially the Youth, to become adults with their own personality and character, with cultural values, citizenship and religion of their own which many Timorese hold firmly to this day.

The Head of State sent also a message to the entire Corps of Catholic Scouts of Timor-Leste: “As President of the Republic, I convey to all my gratitude and great appreciation. Once again, you can always count on the support of the President of the Republic to the activities of the Catholic Scout Corps and also of the National Union of Scouts of Timor-Leste. My best wishes for both movements to continue and be succeessful in their work in the future.”

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