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Presidential Palace Nicolau Lobato, March 5, 2018 – The National Coordinator of CHEPTIL, The Civil Society Education Partnership Timor-Leste, Jose de Jesus, and leaders of seven organizations that are part of CHEPTIL met with the President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, who heard the participants’ concerns about the Education sector, as a result of the monitoring of the situation of schools in the country.

The organizations represented at the presidential audience were Action for Change Foundation (ACF), Many Hands One Nation (MAHON), the Institute Matadalan Integradu (IMI), Haburas Dezenvolve Talentu (HADEZTA), Feto Hadomi Family (FHF), the Timor-Leste Teachers’ Union and an organization supporting the visually impaired.

The concerns conveyed to the President of the Republic include the poor quality of schools’ basic infrastructure, teachers’ lack of creativity in the teaching process, insufficient access to pre-school education for many children from three to five years of age, especially when residents in rural areas and disabled children at the national level who still suffer 25 percent illiteracy rates.

The mentioned civil society organizations have been working with the education sector for several years to improve quality. The various actions that civil society organizations have carried out aren’t enough. Therefore, they addressed their conclusions to the President of the Republic, in order to draw attention to the quality of Education.

CHEPTIL recommends that the Head of State refers to the Education sector in his speeches to alert all Timorese to the need of priority to the Education sector. The President of the Republic was also urged to convey to the current and the next governments the need to increase the State Budget allocations to Education, to improve the system for all in Timor-Leste and especially for vulnerable populations in rural areas.

CHEPTIL also recommended that the President of the Republic conveys to the National Parliament to be elected the need to legislate on the situation and the conditions of Education in Timor-Leste.

The President of the Republic accepted these recommendations and said that these opinions are valid and meet the concerns of the President of the Republic and other organs. Therefore, the Head of State has undertaken to bring to the National Parliament and the next Government the need for commitment to the development of the quality of Education in Timor-Leste.
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