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Presidential Palace Nicolau Lobato, April, 9th, 2018

 People of Timor-Leste,

Men and women.

Brothers and sisters throughout the country and in faraway lands!

It gives me great satisfaction that I address you once again as President of the Republic to talk about an important day for the State and the life of the Timorese people. I mean May 12th, 2018 – the day in which all of us will again be called to the ballot box.

As President of the Republic, I decided to call early elections and again asking the people of Timor-Leste, as holders of political power, to reflect once again on which political force can best serve the country in this second leg of our struggle for liberation, towards the reduction of poverty and destitution in our beloved land of Timor-Leste.

I believe that this early election will deepen our democracy. The people of Timor-Leste will again demonstrate their political maturity. Timor-Leste will again focus the admiration of the international community as a country that also leads the way to true democracy in our region and as a people who knows how to live in peace, even though only 16 years have passed since we became independent.

Let’s all help the PNTL and the F-FDTL in maintaining peace and stability. Let’s all help the National Elections Commission and the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration in the pursuit of their duties to ensure a free and fair election.

Brothers and sisters!

The electoral campaign, between April 10th and May 9th, allows political parties to compete for the popular vote. This competition may raise some tensions and compromise the sense of duty and the promise of mutual respect of some.

Therefore, I call on the political forces to base their campaigns and criticism on policies and programmes – not on insult. The political parties and coalitions’ leaders have the duty to set an example, especially for the younger generations, of respect for their political adversaries as people who enjoy full rights.

I believe that the Pact of National Unity signed on 7 April represents a genuine commitment by the competing parties and coalitions. I hope it will be respected by all so that we may continue to strengthen democracy, peace and stability.

Brothers and sisters!

Your vote is crucial! Your vote is a vote of confidence in and for the authority of the party or coalition of parties that will form a government for the next five years.

Let’s all take part in the election of 12 May 2018!

Let’s vote to choose the program that will bring the most wellbeing to all!

Let’s choose the party or coalition with the best development policy!

Let’s vote for our future! It is time to look ahead!

Thank you!