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Presidential Palace Nicolau Lobato, April 4, 2018 – President Francisco Guterres Lú Olo hold for more than 4 hours dialogue with the local authorities, veterans, civil society organizations and political parties of Baucau, Lautém, Manatuto and Viqueque municipalities, gathered in Baucau. The President’s goal has been the strengthening of peace and stability in the upcoming elections. The dialogue was conducted through teleconference under the theme of Promoting Dialogue to Ensure Peace and Stability in the Early Election Process.

Through the dialogue with the municipalities, the President of the Republic seeks to listen to the concerns of local authorities, civil society organizations, veterans and political parties regarding the preparation of the early election.
The President of the Republic was accompanied by the Minister of State Administration Valentim Ximenes, the Minister of Defense and Security Jose Agostinho ‘Somotxo’, the Deputy Minister for Development and Public Works Renato Monteiro, the President of the National Elections Commission Alcino Baris and the Director General of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration Acilino Manuel Branco. The Head of State responded to concerns expressed by the authorities on the preparation of the early election, regarding the state of the roads, the electricity supply, security and logistical issues regarding the approaching electoral campaign.

The President of the Republic praised the political maturity already in display by the Timorese citizens during the presidential and legislative elections of 2017 and in the way they accepted the holding of an early election. The Head of State asked all interested sectors in the four municipalities present at the conference call to continue contributing to a peaceful electoral process, in an atmosphere of stability, as a factor of consolidation and strengthening of democracy in the country.

President Francisco Guterres Lú Olo explained his decision to put an end to the political crisis giving the people the ability to decide and choose the parties to govern. The decision to hold an early election for the first time will remain a first lesson for political leaders to follow a clean path for the benefit of the younger generations.

These dialogue through teleconference is an initiative of the President of the Republic to fulfill his political commitment to be President of the entire people and opening channels for the population to dialogue directly with the Head of State.

President Lú Olo had an initial dialogue with local authorities, civil society organizations, veterans and political parties from the municipalities of Bobonaro, Ermera, Liquiçá and Maliana on March 19, 2018.

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