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Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace, Monday, 24 September – The ambassador of Timor-Leste to Cuba, Loro Horta, today met with the President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lú Olo to talk about the Timorese students in Cuba and the political situation in that country.

On the occasion, ambassador Horta informed the Head of State that there are currently 36 Timorese studying medicine and another 25 pedagogy. Both groups are performing well with high levels of discipline.

Loro Horta took the opportunity to point out the need to expand the cooperation with Cuba to cover more areas of expertise by providing training to radiologists, pharmacists and lab technicians, among others.

On Cuba’s political situation, the Timorese ambassador said that, by appointing Miguel Díaz-Canel to hold office as president of the Republic, the government is conducting a generational transition process, with former Baptista opponents out of the way, and on 15 November it will host a debate about the referendum to be held on constitutional reform.

According to Loro Horta, the President of the Republic congratulated the ambassador on his hard work and expressed his appreciation for Cuba’s generational transition policy which is very similar to that of Timor-Leste.

At the meeting, Loro Horta also talked about the possibility of Timor-Leste receiving the visit of the deputy president of the Republic and the minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba in 2019.

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