‘My last bullet is my victory,’

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‘Nicolau Lobato was a man of convictions and great determination towards our people and the State of Timor-Leste. He learned from his life experiences, in his suco and from his people. He left his family behind for his motherland; he sacrificed his life for a great cause: national liberation for the people. Today we need to pay attention to Nicolau Lobato’s values and intentions. He did what he learned to do. Today we can also do whatever we have learned to do. ‘My last bullet is my victory,’ Nicolau Lobato used to say. Today we can tell ourselves, ‘the last drop of our sweat is the well-being of our people.’

Remarks by the Chief of the Civil House of the Presidency of the RDTL


At the seminar on ‘Nicolau Lobato and the Culture of Struggle of the Maubere People’ as part of the Literary Festival ‘Reading for Social Transformation II’

UNTL, 06 Sep 2018