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Viqueque, 26 April 2019

The President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lú Olo set off this Friday for a visit to the municipality of Viqueque to hear first-hand the concerns of the communities and talk about national development.

On the occasion of his swearing-in, the Head of State made the political commitment to be “President of all and for all” until the end of term. The President of the Republic will continue to strengthen the trust and power entrusted to him by the people by ballot.

‘It is the first time that I travel to a municipality with my own programme to fulfil the commitment I made to get close to the people, listen to them and address their concerns, with the support of other State institutions.’

In the first dialogue session with local communities and authorities at the municipal administration office, the President of the Republic talked about the country’s general situation, the role of the President, the political challenges, the contribution of State agents and citizens, and the importance of acknowledging the wisdom of all Timorese through joint work towards national development.

The President of the Republic highlighted the responsibility of every citizen to promote the values of the resistance and culture to strengthen national identity.

On this occasion, those in attendance told the Head of State about their concerns regarding the conditions of basic infrastructure, the quality of public services, health, education, and agriculture. They also mentioned other issues related to the support provided to the elderly and veterans who fought for independence.

The population of Viqueque is also concerned about the lack of equipment at police stations, which hinders the PNTL from carrying out their duties on the ground.

The Head of State thanked Viqueque community members for their sincerity and said that he hopes that a solution can be found together with the Government and National Parliament, which were also represented at the event, ‘This is precisely what the President of the Republic wanted to hear and know from the communities.’

The President of the Republic promised to make every effort to, in the exercise of his powers and according to the Constitution of the RDTL, serve the citizens and find solutions, but pointed out that these challenges cannot be addressed in the short term, because it requires a comprehensive plan involving the Government.

The Head of State highlighted the importance of placing people at the centre of development policies. Therefore, the State has the duty to provide decent conditions to its citizens.

On the same occasion, the President of the Republic offered the members of Government and Parliament present at the event, namely the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, the Minister of Social Solidarity, the Minister of Public Works, the Minister of Agriculture and the Secretary of State of SEPFOPE, the opportunity to comment on the communities’ concerns.

Present at the event were also the ambassadors of Australia, Korea and Cuba, as well as representatives of international agencies (FAO, TOMAK and GIZ), civil society organisations, representatives of religious denominations, veterans and civilian and military authorities of the municipality of Viqueque.

Following the dialogue session, as part of the national “Once citizen, one tree” campaign launched by the President himself, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo symbolically handed over a tree (mandarin tree or mahogany) to the administrators of the administrative posts of Viqueque, Lakluta, Ossu, Uatulari and Uatucarbau. The Head of State is also expected to plant trees at the 1956 Garden in Viqueque Vila. On 27 April, the President of the Republic will participate in a tree-planting activity together with the community of Larigutu, Ossu.

The Head of State also presented an award to the winner of the Food Festival and visited the stands at an exhibition and has been on since 25 April and is expected to end on 27 April. The exhibition has been held as part of the President’s visit to the municipality.