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Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace, Dili, 23 November 2020

At the swearing-in of the new minister of Finance, Mr Rui Gomes, at Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace, President Francisco Guterres Lú Olo said that he has ‘high hopes’ that Rui Gomes’s performance ‘will make a very positive and exemplary mark’ on the Eighth Government and on the country.

The President of the Republic said that he agreed to appoint Rui Gomes to the office because he believes ‘with complete confidence and hope’ that the financial and economic performance of the government and the public sector in general will be significantly improved.

The new minister of Finance assumed his duties immediately after being sworn in.

Rui Gomes takes up the position left vacant by the former minister, Fernando Hanjam, who had requested his removal from that office due to illness. His request for removal was accepted by Presidential decree no. 67/2020 from 23 November.

In his speech, the President of the Republic wished Fernando Hanjam a speedy recovery so that he may return to his duties as soon as possible.

On 30 October 2017, H.E. the President appointed and swore in Rui Gomes as minister of planning and finance of the 7th Government, led by Mari Alkatiri. The Head of State pointed out the exemplary competence and leadership displayed by Rui Gomes at the time as well as the ‘effective management of public finances in difficult and challenging circumstances, with a system of provisional twelfths in place for nine months’.

H.E. the President also said that the success of Rui Gomes’s new mission will also depend on ‘the support of your immediate family and of those who are closest to you in your daily life’.
Rui Gomes will carry out the task of heading the areas of planning and monitoring of the annual budget and public finances, as well as contributing to the efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness of public financial management, with impact on the improvement of procurement services, on financial decentralisation, on the rigorous management of public accounts, and on the growth of the national economy.

The President of the Republic also pointed out the role of the new minister of Finance in the country’s economic recovery:
‘Your participation as minister of finance in the implementation of the Economic Recovery Plan will certainly be welcomed by all who are involved in this noble mission of mitigating the effects of COVID-19 in the short term and contributing to the recovery of the national economy.’

Given Rui Gomes’s professional qualities and extraordinary dedication as his personal advisor, the Head of State truly believes that the government will gain a ‘trustworthy, dedicated, efficient member, an interdisciplinary economist specialised in development, with a professional experience of more than twenty years’.