President Mission for 2022 - 2027 are to ensure:

Every Child is Healthy

With the challenge that Timor-Leste is facing with the neonatal mortality 19/1000 live births, infant mortality 30/1000 live births, and under-five mortality 41/1000 live birth, President Ramos Horta put top priorities for improve Maternal, New-born and Child Health services.

Every Child is well-Nourished

Timor-Leste face challenge with 47.1% Stunting, 8.6 % wasting, 32.1% underweight, 63.2 children with Anemia, 46% with no access to basic sanitation, 28% Open defecate.
President Horta put his top priorities on Timor-Leste Breastfeeding promotion policy, Community health-nutrition mobile worker, diet for 6–23-month-old children and sanitation campaign.

Every Child is Learning

Low levels of learning outcome, low access to preschool education, and large numbers of out of school adolescents and youth are the challenge for Timor-Leste. President put his top priorities to teaching training, national assessment unit, preschool, alternative learning pathways for out of school and inclusive education policy.

Every Child is Safe

Children facing violence, abuse and exploitation. To tackle that issue, President put his top priorities to law for protection of youth and children in danger, juvenile justice law.

No Child lives in poverty

There are 47.8% children in poverty, 54.3% children in multidimensional poverty.
The President put priorities to scale up Bolsa da Mae Jerasaun Foun and Multi-sectoral Early Childhood Development.