Baucau, April 24, 2024 – The village of Alaua-Leten in Baucau municipality expressed gratitude to President José Ramos-Horta on Wednesday after receiving social assistance from the head of state’s office.

The support, which included agricultural equipment, basic necessities and other materials, was delivered by advisors from the Civil Society Service and Social Support (SSAS) directorate of the Presidency.

“We thank the Head of State and his team for coming, even at night, to distribute basic necessities including delivering the materials we requested back in January 2022,” said Joaquim Ximenes, chief of Alaua-Leten village.

Ximenes said the community representatives had submitted the request for aid to the former president in January 2022, seeking assistance for vulnerable families and to boost agricultural production. He expressed surprise that the long-pending request was still considered.

On the ground in Alaua-Leten, SSAS advisor Quintiliano Moniz explained that President Ramos-Horta had instructed his team to deliver the requested materials before departing for Portugal.

“When the current President of the Republic visited, some communities submitted requests for assistance, so following his guidance before departing for Portugal, he instructed me to deliver these materials to the Alaua-Leten community as per their request since it had been pending for a while,” Moniz said.

Among the items provided were one hand tractor, a rice milling machine, a rice threshing machine, rototillers, sports equipment, basic necessities for 25 vulnerable families, and 120 blankets.
The support delivery highlights the Ramos-Horta administration’s focus on assisting rural communities and underserved populations across Timor-Leste.

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