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The best tourist destinations in Asia

Asia is an exceptional continent, they are lands of exotic and timeless beauty, where you will find places where history and mysticism meet with amazing technological advances. Here are the best tourist destinations in Asia. Asia and its extraordinary places Touring Asia is a charming dream, these distant lands are a frequent tourist destination, because…

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What is a Semi-Presidential Republic?

A Semi-Presidential Republic is committed to a democratic government system that governs the nation in a shared way between different positions of popular election, below we explain what this governmental model consists of. What is Semi-Presidentialism? Basically, semi-presidentialism consists in that the power exercised by the Head of State does not fall directly on a…

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Brief review on Francisco Guterres

Francisco Guterres is the current president of Timor Leste, a renowned political activist who participated alongside the armed front of the Timorese Resistance in the country’s struggles to achieve independence against foreign occupation. Francisco Guterres: Biographical Data Francisco Guterres da Costa is originally from the city of Viqueque located southeast of Dili, the capital of…

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