The Presidency of the Republic, through the Civil Society and Social Support Service (SSAS-PR) led by advisor Quintiliano Moniz, continues to carry out humanitarian missions according to the guidance and policy of President J. Ramos-Horta during his mandate in the national territory.

Thus, on Wednesday, the SSAS-PR team distributed humanitarian aid such as basic necessities and a generator along with a printer and a laptop, including life jackets for sea travel, to the community in Fatu’u, Ili-Duadoru Village, Bikeli Suku, Atauro.

During the intervention, Quintiliano explained that the President of the Republic heard about Fatu’u’s difficulties and wanted to visit. “On the first visit here (Fatu’u), I brought your difficulties to the President of the Republic, J. Ramos-Horta, as he is the President of the Republic for all of us to receive everyone’s difficulties. When I reported, the Head of State decided he wanted to come visit and rest here. But due to problems with maritime transport, he delegated me to come here to provide basic necessities, a generator, and a laptop for the pastors to use for celebrating mass according to the Protestant faith,” said Advisor Quintiliano after delivering the basic necessities.

According to the plan, the Presidency of the Republic, together with Atauro authorities, will organize for the President of the Republic to visit Fatu’u and isolated areas in Atauro to understand the living conditions of communities in the Fatu’u, Adara, and Atekru areas, including isolated places without road access in Atauro.

On this occasion, the basic necessities offered included a total of 70 sacks of rice, 70 cooking oils, 7 boxes of milk, and one generator along with a printer, a laptop, and 30 life jackets for sea travel. They also provided a boat measuring 9×1 and included financial support of USD $1000 for the women’s group that cuts and dries fish to buy materials.

David Soares, as a community representative, said that they are proud of the help received from the President of the Republic. “We feel proud of the presence of the Presidency of the Republic through the SSAS-PR advisor, and we are grateful for the support offered today to the 241 community members in Fatu’u.”

Meanwhile, Fatu’u is an isolated area without road access, and since ancestral times, no cars or motorcycles have entered Fatu’u because it is surrounded by mountains and sea. There is no access to clean water, telecommunications, and electricity, with boats being the only available transport.

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