Job Vacancy


The Presidency wishes to consolidate its processes of documentation, publishing and
communication in order to better communicate to the national and international communities the
substance and details of the President’s program and activities. The Presidency seeks applications
from experienced, skilled and innovative media and communication specialists to design and
establish a consolidated strategy for campaigning, communication and information sharing and
dissemination. This task will also involve designing and establishing effective internal
communications systems within the office of the Presidency to achieve the overall
communications outcomes mentioned above. The successful applicant shall be tasked with taking
the lead in coordinating, managing and producing communications material in order to build a
working and functional practice within the Presidency with the object of establishing ongoing
effective national and global communication strategies.
The successful candidate should have demonstrable experience (see below) and at least three
years’ experience in a similar poss or positions.
The job is part time – up to 10 days per month until September 2023.
Line management – Responsible for strategy and direction to the office of the President of the
Republic of Timor-Leste. The successful candidate will work closely with the staff of and other
consultants attached to the Media Unit of the Presidential office. The successful applicant will be
expected to give guidance to the Media Unit and its staff in the production of high quality work
that meets the professional standards required by the President of the Republic.
Applications should be sent directly to Ms. Henriqueta M. da Silva, email:
by Wednesday, February 20 08.00 AM. Deadline for applications: March 6 17.00 PM.
Applications received by this date will take priority;
however, late applications will be considered if the position has not been filled. Please note that
this is a post with the office of the President of the Republic in Timor-Leste. Short listed candidates
will be interviewed on line (by phone or video) on March 21-22. The appointee is expected to join
the first round of activities on April 3-14, 2023, in Timor-Leste.

Terms of Reference
Internal Communication
1. Management and implementation of internal communications and engagement strategy
aimed at the continuing development, documentation and production of the Presidency’s
2. Development, with the Coordinator of Media Unit and others, of the ongoing
Communication Strategy of the office of the President of the Republic to ensure its efficient
and functional future delivery;
3. Drafting and editing of short written materials: briefings, web copy, blogs, press releases,
country news updates, newsletters, FAQs, etc;
4. Establishing processes to ensure that other units within the Presidency provide a regular
and relevant flow of information to the Media Unit for internal and external distribution.
For example this may involve other responsible units providing the Media Unit with
information concerning the in-country work of diplomats and the international community,
or with the flow of unit specific (legal, economic, education etc …) information;
5. Establishing processes to ensure that the Media Unit, in coordination with other units,
reviews local and international media and news for internal dissemination. For example a
weekly or bi-weekly news review for internal distribution;
6. Helping to organize and support communications events: preparing materials, organizing
meetings, facilitating as required;
7. Liaison with designers and printers as required;
8. Building an internal community of practice;
9. Ensuring a regular flow of information to grow this community of practice of (potential)
natural capital accounting developers and users, using communications materials to
encourage dialogue and engagement;
10. Building up a mailing list of in-country contacts;
11. Developing the stakeholder mapping and baseline assessments with the team at the office
of the President;
12. Establishing and communicating a Presidential communications learning group or
deploying relevant existing groups;
13. Contribution to the growing global community of practice by sharing lessons learnt, tools
and products and regular engagement with diplomats, international community and
dialogue with other presidential country partners.
External communications
1. Ensuring regular contact with Government of Timor-Leste’s ministries and other
stakeholders relevant to decision making;
2. Providing relevant updates in support of meetings held by the office of the President and
3. Developing a regular newsletter (hard copy or ecopy via social media and website) to keep
all stakeholders informed of the President Republic program progress;
4. Building relationships with key media and keeping them informed of progress, findings
and recommendations in line with program of the President of the Republic and the
Government of Timor-Leste;
5. Liaison with the Office of the President’s and media team and other public relations
officers as requested;
6. Close liaison with communication teams in relevant programs to ensure synergies to
optimize results;
7. Timely and targeted dissemination of publications and briefings;
8. Tracking impact and usage of publications and briefings to support monitoring and
evaluation of in- country communications activities;
9. Develop and manage social media activity as relevant for the partnership.
Essential skills
1. Appropriate academic qualification (at least Master Degree) for example, in media,
journalism or communications.
2. Demonstrable skills in writing (with appropriate applied English skills) for a number of
different audiences and in particularly short policy materials and web copy. Candidates
with additional proficiency in Portuguese will be preferred.
3. Experience with communications work in social, political and developmental fields.
4. An understanding of communications strategy and the role of stakeholders.
5. An ability to plan and establish internal processes and procedures, including where
necessary the creation of internal guidance manuals.
6. Ability to communicate and work in the creation of a team.
Desired skills
1. Good understanding of Government of Timor-Leste system and the relationship between
state institutions and their management procedures;
2. Good understanding of the media in Timor-Leste, and the relationship between
government and private media.
3. Demonstrable awareness of dealing with sensitive media issues.
4. Demonstrable ability to work to tight deadlines.
5. Display knowledge and awareness around capturing delicate/sensitive issues and
translating into appropriate results for the President of the Republic and the government
of Timor-Leste.
6. Possess the skills to mobilize partners into action and instill interest in the program.