Tetun Bellow



My fellow citizens of Timor-Leste and people around the world,

On this World Press Freedom Day, I commend the vital work of journalists who shine a light on one of the most urgent threats facing humanity – the environmental crisis. A free and independent press is essential for raising awareness, driving action, and holding leaders and institutions accountable on environmental issues.

The 2024 theme “A Press for Planet” is a poignant call for journalism to focus its lens on the degradation of our natural world. From climate change to biodiversity loss, pollution to deforestation, the environmental emergency impacts every nation, every community, every person on this planet we call home.

In Timor-Leste, our young nation has experienced first-hand the devastating effects of climate change including decreased agricultural production, food insecurity, water shortage, infrastructure destruction, loss of life and human displacement. Our futures and fortunes are intertwined with the health of our air, land and seas. We must protect the precious environment that sustains us.

I urge journalists in Timor-Leste and globally to embrace their crucial responsibility as environmental watchdogs. Journalists have a pivotal role to play in covering this crisis objectively, persistently, and comprehensively. Wield your pens and cameras as tools to defend the planet. Only by raising awareness through an unfettered press can we build the public and political will to take bold action.

The environment has no voice of its own- it needs the voices of the free press to be its advocates for preservation and restoration.

On this World Press Freedom Day, let us renew our commitment to a #PressForPlanet that illuminates environmental truths, inspires change, and safeguards the natural world for generations to come.

Thank you, and my best wishes to all journalists bravely carrying out this vital work.


President of Timor-Leste and Nobel Peace Laureate



Povu doben Timor-Leste no sidadaun hotu iha mundu tomak,

Iha Loron Mundiál Liberdade Imprensa nian ida ne’e, ha’u hato’o parabéns ba jornalista sira ne’ebé fó naroman ba ameasa urjente ida-ne’ebé hasoru umanidade – krize ambientál. Imprensa ida-ne’ebé livre no independente ne’e esensiál tebes atu hasa’e konsiénsia, dirije asaun, no kaer metin lider sira no instituisaun sira ne’ebé responsavel ba asuntu ambientál sira.

Tema iha 2024 “Imprensa ba Planeta ” ne’e hanesan apelu importante ida ba jornalizmu atu foka nia lensa ba degradasaun husi ita-nia natureza mundu nian. Husi mudansa klimátika to’o lakon biodiversidade, poluisaun to’o desflorestasaun, emerjénsia ambientál fó impaktu ba kada nasaun, komunidade, no ema iha planeta ida ne’ebé ita bolu uma.

Iha Timor-Leste, ita-nia nasaun foin-sa’e ida ne’e hetan ona efeitu ne’ebé aat tebes husi mudansa klimátika inklui produsaun agríkola ne’ebé menus, inseguransa ai-han, falta bee, destruisaun infraestrutura, lakon vida no deslokasaun umanu. Ita-nia futuru no sorte sira liga ho ita-nia kualidade anin, rai no tasi. Ita tenke proteje ita-nia ambiente ne’ebé importante tebes atu sustenta ita.

Ha’u ezije jornalista sira iha Timor-Leste no iha nivel globál atu halo sira-nia responsabilidade importante hanesan guarda ba ambientál sira. Jornalista sira iha papél importante atu hala’o kobertura ba krize ida-ne’e ho forma objetiva, kontinuidade, no komprensivu. Tau ó-nia lapijera no kamera nu’udar instrumentu atu defende planeta ne’e. Liuhusi hasa’e konsiénsia husi imprensa ne’ebé la-hetan presaun, ita bele harii vontade públiku no polítika atu halo asaun ho aten-barani.

Ambiente la iha lian rasik – presiza lian imprensa livre atu sai nia advogadu ba prezervasaun no restaurasaun.

Iha Loron Mundiál Liberdade Imprensa nian ida-ne’e, mai ita renova ita-nia komprimisu ba #ImprensaBaPlaneta ne’ebé fó sai lia-loos ambientál sira, fó inspirasaun ba mudansa sira, no proteje natureza iha mundu ba jerasaun sira tuir mai.

Obrigadu, no ha’u-nia votus kmanek ba jornalista sira hotu ne’ebé ho aten-barani hala’o servisu importante ida-ne’e.


Prezidente Timor-Leste no Laureadu Nobel ba Pás