Dili, March 4th, 2024

The President’s Kitchen ‘Dapur ba Povu’ initiative reached another milestone by launching its program at Labeh Kindergarten and Primary School in Comoro. This extension of the program will now provide free, nutritious meals to 112 children from underprivileged families every school day.

The launch event was graced by the presence of Advisor Iram Saeed and Advisor Ana Joaquim Pedruco, representing the Office of the Presidency Ramos-Horta. They joined Principal Mr. Christopher Henry Samson and the school community to celebrate this impactful initiative.

“Most of the children here come from poor families and need proper nutrition for their growth and development,” said Principal Christofer. “We are incredibly grateful to the President and the ‘Dapur ba Povu’ program for their support in ensuring our students receive healthy meals daily.”

The President’s Kitchen program, operated by Kantina Matak, is committed to combating child hunger and malnutrition by providing free, nutritious meals to children. With the addition of children from Labeh Kindergarten and Primary School, the Dapur ba Povu program now provides over 650 meals daily at three different locations in Dili.