Bobonaro, April 16, 2024

The Presidency of the Republic, through the Social Inclusion Affairs, continues to distribute much-needed social support to people with disabilities in the Bobonaro Municipality, Bobonaro Administrative Post, and Lolotoe Administrative Post.

The support includes essential items such as rice, cooking oil, shoes, toothpaste, and notebooks for students, as well as food parcels.

“We come to support our fellow citizens with disabilities. This is to make them feel not discriminated against, we do not bring many things but with this visit alone they also feel proud because this State does not leave them alone,” said Advisor Afonso, after distributing the social support in Lolotoe on Tuesday.

Gaspar Afonso, the first person with a disability to be appointed as a representative at the Presidential Palace, explained that this social support initiative comes directly from President J. Ramos-Horta. The President’s objective is to show affection and support to these citizens, even if the material aid may only be for a day or two.

“The presence among them is important because the President of the Republic does not want to leave anyone behind,” Afonso said.

Calisto Ximenes, a representative and data collector for people with disabilities in rural areas, expressed gratitude on behalf of the community.

“I represent my fellow citizens with disabilities to convey our gratitude to the Presidency of the Republic, which has already helped the disabled siblings who have not received any social support during this time,” Ximenes said.

In total, 15 people with disabilities benefited from the distribution in Bobonaro Municipality – 5 from the Bobonaro Administrative Post and 10 from the Lolotoe Administrative Post. The majority were people with disabilities in their hands, feet, eyes, and mental health, with 12 under the age of 17 and 3 aged 30 and above.

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