Maubara, Liquisa, – July 10, 2024. The Presidency of the Republic, through its Civil Society Service and Social Affairs unit, distributed basic necessities to two vulnerable elderly brothers in Vatuguili Sub-Village, Maubaralisa Village, Liquisa Municipality today.

Fernando Maia da Cruz and Manuel received items including rice, cooking oil, eggs, and bedding supplies such as spring beds and pillows. The brothers expressed gratitude to President Ramos-Horta for the support but also mentioned their need for building materials to improve their housing situation.

The elders have an adopted daughter, Juliana Maia de Jesus, who looks after them but lives separately in a small house away from their residence. Juliana described the brothers’ current living conditions as very poor, with their house nearly falling apart. She expressed concern about the risk this poses to the two elders, who are also in poor health.

According to Juliana, the family has not received any government support for their situation prior to this. She expressed hope that the Presidency might be able to assist the two brothers by helping to build a proper house for them.

President Ramos-Horta, although currently away from the country, continues to closely monitor the situation in Timor-Leste through social media and other platforms. After seeing news about the two brothers on social media, he promptly dispatched the Presidency team to provide assistance, demonstrating his commitment to addressing the needs of vulnerable citizens.

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