Liquisa, 4 April, 2024, President J. Ramos-Horta, through the Presidency’s Civil Society Service and Social Affairs, has provided vital support to a vulnerable orphan family in Alade Terlau, Ulmera Village. The aid distribution included basic necessities such as rice, cooking oil, mattresses, and school materials for the family of nine members living alone.

The distribution was attended by Adelino Ribeiro, the Chief of Aldeia Terlau, who expressed gratitude to the President of the Republic for the direct support extended to the family. Ribeiro highlighted the dire need for further assistance, specifically in constructing a proper house, as the family’s current dwelling is in poor condition. He also emphasized the importance of supporting the education of this family members to continue their study.

Representing the recipient family, Bonifacio Nunes conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for the aid provided by the Presidency, acknowledging that while the support may be small, it is invaluable in sustaining the family’s daily needs. Nunes expressed his desire to continue his education and aspiration for his other siblings to have the same opportunity.

The Presidency’s initiative underlines its commitment to responding to the needs of vulnerable communities and ensuring access to basic necessities and educational opportunities. Through this assistance, it is hoped that their living conditions can be improved and a path towards a better future can be created.

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