Aileu, Turiscai, Maubisse, March 25-26, 2024, This week, the Presidency of the Republic provided important support to families in need in Aileu, Turiscai and Maubisse. Through the Civil Society and Social Affairs directorates, basic necessities including rice, salt, cooking oil, blankets, tarpaulins and more were delivered to one school dormitory in Aileu, 8 households in Turiscai and 7 households in Maubisse.

This support did not come through any formal request to the President of the Republic, but simply from a social media comment by Turiscai resident Domingos dos Reis. Upon seeing this comment, the President immediately instructed his staff to directly bring assistance to the referred communities.

“I am very happy as a son of Turiscai. We did not submit any proposal or request, but through my comment on social media, President Ramos-Horta organized for you to come directly to us with this support,” Domingos dos Reis expressed with gratitude.

The assistance also reached the ISMAIK dormitory in Aileu and the Maria Daisoli Children’s Center in Aileu. Another Turiscai resident, Joaquim dos Reis, recommended that the President continue to provide support to underprivileged communities across the nation.

This direct support came from the president’s office to bring basic necessities to those in need, which has already benefited rural communities with a positive impact this week.

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