Angola, July 8, 2024 – President J. Ramos-Horta participated in a solemn flower-laying ceremony at the Dr. António Agostinho Neto Memorial in Luanda, Angola. The event, which took place at 10:10 AM in Republic Square, was part of President Ramos-Horta’s ongoing state visit to the Republic of Angola.

Upon arrival at the memorial, President Ramos-Horta was greeted with military honors and warmly welcomed by representatives of the Dr. António Agostinho Neto Memorial’s management. The ceremony began with the laying of a wreath at the sarcophagus of Angola’s first president, Dr. António Agostinho Neto, as a sign of respect and tribute to the great Angolan leader.

Following the flower-laying, President Ramos-Horta participated in a guided tour of the memorial’s exhibition. The display highlights the multifaceted life of Dr. António Agostinho Neto, presenting him as a physician, poet, and writer, among other roles.

This visit underscores the strengthening diplomatic ties between East Timor and Angola, as well as the mutual respect for each nation’s historical figures and struggle for independence.

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