On June 13, 2024, President José Ramos-Horta attended the joyous cultural festivities marking Saint Anthony’s Day in Manatuto. The celebrations were held at the Saint Anthony Manatuto Parish Church, the town’s main parish.

During his visit, the President participated in the cultural ceremony honoring Manatuto’s patron saint. In his address, he expressed appreciation for the hard work of local authorities in organizing the successful event. President Ramos-Horta highlighted that this was one of several visits he has made to Manatuto over the course of this year.

Recounting his previous trip, the President shared that he had brought along a doctor to provide medical assistance to the community members and social support services for vulnerable groups.

The President also took the opportunity to speak about his “Dapur ba Povu” (Kitchen for the People) program, aimed at ensuring nutritious meals for children across the nation. He commended the local organizers and authorities for hosting a vibrant Saint Anthony’s Day festival.

The lively celebrations featured traditional dances and musical performances paying homage to the revered patron saint of Manatuto Parish Church. Local officials, community members, and visitors alike joyfully participated, embracing the rich cultural heritage.

Through his presence and words, President Ramos-Horta reaffirmed his commitment to the well-being of the people, while also cherishing the nation’s diverse traditions and customs.

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