Singapore, May 31, 2024

President J. Ramos-Horta of Timor-Leste met with Singapore Defense Minister Dr. Ng Eng Hen today at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. The talks focused on strengthening defense and security cooperation between the two nations.

Enhancing Military Relations

President Ramos-Horta was accompanied by a high-level delegation that included Lieutenant General Domingos Raul Falur Laek of the F-FDTL (Falintil-Defense Forces of Timor-Leste), Ambassador Alex Tilman, and Presidential advisors. The discussions centered on ways to boost the bilateral military relationship and improve coordination on regional security matters going forward.

Strengthening Partnership

In a statement, Minister Ng emphasized Singapore’s commitment to the partnership, saying:

“Singapore greatly values our longstanding relationship with Timor-Leste. We look forward to identifying new opportunities to cooperate on security matters and sustainable development for the benefit of our peoples.”

The meeting continues Timor-Leste’s efforts to strengthen its international ties, especially among fellow Southeast Asian countries, since regaining independence in 2002 after years of struggle.

Upcoming Cooperation

Key areas for potential expanded cooperation include:

  • Joint military training initiatives
  • Intelligence sharing
  • Capacity building programs
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Strategic investments across the Pacific region

The talks mark an important step in the growing defense and security partnership between Singapore and Timor-Leste as they navigate an increasingly complex regional landscape.

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