Mozambique, 5 July 2024. President J. Ramos-Horta delivered a speech at a state banquet in Mozambique, celebrating the strong diplomatic ties between the two nations. The event marked a significant milestone in the countries’ relationship, with Ramos-Horta expressing deep gratitude for Mozambique’s unwavering support during Timor-Leste’s struggle for independence.

In his address, President Ramos-Horta highlighted the historical, linguistic, and cultural bonds shared by Timor-Leste and Mozambique. He emphasized the critical role played by Mozambique and other Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOP) in Timor-Leste’s journey to self-determination, which culminated in its independence on May 20, 2002.

The Head of the State praised former Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano for his dedicated efforts in championing Timor-Leste’s cause on the international stage. Ramos-Horta recalled how Mozambique provided a home for Timorese students and diplomats during their years of struggle, even extending Mozambican passports to facilitate their international travel and advocacy work.

Looking to the future, President Ramos-Horta called for expanded cooperation between the two nations in various fields, including education, diplomacy, and global issues such as climate change and sustainable development. He also announced the recent establishment of a Mozambican embassy in Dili, further solidifying the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

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