Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace, April 8th, 2024, President J. Ramos-Horta welcomed Kick Academy owner Robbie Krasic from Australia and Australian businessman Stuart Mkojera-Thomson to the Presidential Palace. The purpose of the meeting was for Kick Academy, a community-driven Australian sports organization, to donate soccer equipment to underprivileged children in Timor-Leste.

Krasic and Thomson presented President Ramos-Horta with 20 packages containing soccer balls, shoes, and socks to be distributed to children. Following the donation, Kick Academy led a soccer clinic for the children, providing them the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques from the Australian organization’s coaches. The clinic aimed to create an enabling environment for the early development of the children through the sport of soccer.

Stuart Mkojera-Thomson, expressed his organization’s dedication to community-driven programs that use soccer as a tool for youth empowerment. “Kick Academy plans to return to Timor-Leste to donate more soccer balls and conduct additional clinics focused not just on soccer skills, but also on teamwork, togetherness, and healthy living:, said Thomson.

The event underscores the collaborative efforts between Timor-Leste and international organizations to foster an environment conducive to the early childhood development of the country’s youth through sports and community engagement.

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