Soibada, April 15, 2024

On this Sunday, President J. Ramos-Horta visited the Soibada Administrative Post in Manatuto Municipality to inaugurate several community projects and provide social support to vulnerable families.

Inauguration of Rehabilitated Infrastructure
The President inaugurated the recently rehabilitated old swimming pool of the Soibada College, which had been abandoned for many years. The rehabilitation work was carried out by the Soibada Post Administration, and included the construction of the Gruta Maria Auxiliadora and monuments for local heroes Dom André Doutel Sarmento, Dato Laku (Dato Lakumalik)-Manufahi, Dato Kere (Dato Lakere)-Leohat, and Dato Siri (Dato Sirikeli)-Manlala.

“The construction of these works was done with a small budget, but with quality, and most of the work was done by the people and youth of Soibada,” the President noted.

Provision of Social Assistance
During the visit, President Ramos-Horta appreciated the reception organized by the Soibada Post Administration. At the event, the President provided various forms of assistance to vulnerable groups in the area, including:

  • TV and parabolic equipment for the local PNTL station
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Books and writing materials for the Presidente Nicolau Lobato Secondary School library
  • Basic necessities such as rice, oil, eggs, milk, and blankets for the community

Praise for Community-Led Initiatives
“This community-led initiative is truly important and commendable,” said President Ramos-Horta. “I am very happy to see the people of Soibada come together to help those in need and invest in their infrastructure.”

The President shared personal memories of his time in Soibada during the Portuguese colonial period, recounting his own struggles to access food as a young man. He acknowledged the significance of the community’s efforts, stating that the role of the presidency is to provide humanitarian aid and complement the government’s social support programs.

Sustainable Governance Practices
The President noted that his administration has consciously avoided purchasing new vehicles for the presidential office, instead opting to use the existing fleet from the previous presidency. “By doing this, we have been able to allocate more resources to support vulnerable communities across Timor-Leste,” said the Head of State.

In addition to the community-led initiatives, President Ramos-Horta also highlighted the support received from international and diplomatic colleagues in Timor-Leste, as well as the recent hiring of two medical professionals to provide specialized care for vulnerable populations across the nation.

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