Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace, June 18, 2024. President J. Ramos-Horta of Timor-Leste met today with Daw Zin Mar Aung, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Myanmar’s pro-democracy Government of National Unity, at the Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace. The meeting aimed to strengthen ties between the two nations.

“The objective of this meeting is to strengthen relations between Timor-Leste and the Government of National Unity of Myanmar, and to thank President Ramos-Horta and People of Timor-Leste for advocating for the people of Myanmar and our revolution,” Daw Zin Mar Aung stated. She said the current situation in Myanmar remains calm, with the National Unity Government expanding its control and providing humanitarian aid.

The foreign minister added that the pro-democracy government is not only fighting the military junta but also working on state-building and systemic reforms for Myanmar’s future. Timor-Leste was one of the countries that recognized Myanmar’s National Unity Government as legitimate amid the 2021 military coup.

A Nobel Peace laureate, President Ramos-Horta has advocated democracy and human rights in Myanmar. The meeting underscores Timor-Leste’s continued backing for Myanmar’s pro-democracy movement against the brutal military crackdown.

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