Bobonaro, June 26, 2024 

President J. Ramos-Horta continued his field trip to Bobonaro Municipality, camping overnight at the iconic Marobo Hot Spring (Bee Manas Marobo in Tetun) in Marobo Village. The visit combined humanitarian support by distributing basic necessities to vulnerable communities, while promoting Timor-Leste’s natural attractions for tourism.

During an interview, President Ramos-Horta highlighted the challenges facing rural communities, particularly poor road conditions hampering economic development. He expressed hope that the current government, under Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão’s leadership, could make significant progress in addressing these issues within the next three years.

The President emphasized the need for comprehensive rural development, calling to the Government for increased infrastructure projects in roads, agriculture, schools, and clean water systems. He also stressed the importance of quality-based teacher recruitment and adequate health infrastructure in rural areas.

The President and his team are scheduled to return to Dili this afternoon, concluding a productive visit that highlighted the administration’s commitment to rural development and tourism promotion.

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