Aileu, Timor-Leste (May 24, 2024) – President José Ramos-Horta embarked on a community outreach program on Friday, visiting the villages of Fadabloco and Açu-Mau in Aileu municipality. The goal was to provide direct assistance to families with disabilities and vulnerabilities, as well as engage in dialogue with these often-overlooked communities.

In Fadabloco, the President was welcomed by Village Chief Alito da Costa, who expressed profound gratitude for the presidential visit. “At first, I had simply requested food assistance,” Costa said. “But when the President saw the data on the number of people with disabilities, malnutrition cases, and vulnerable families in our village, he insisted on coming directly to understand our situation.”

President Ramos-Horta distributed essential supplies including rice, cooking oil, and blankets to 157 families identified as having disabilities or vulnerabilities. “I came here to witness your conditions firsthand,” the President told the gathered residents. “It is my duty to share these resources with those most in need.”

Looking ahead, the Head of State pledged to establish a computer training center and launch English and Portuguese language courses in Fadabloco. “Enhancing knowledge and skills in this community is crucial for their development,” he affirmed.

The presidential convoy then proceeded to Açu-Mau village, where 187 more households received the same basic provisions. Village leaders had requested assistance to alleviate hardships faced by vulnerable groups.

In his remarks, President Ramos-Horta underscored his administration’s commitment to supporting disabled and underprivileged families across the nation. “This outreach is part of our broader efforts to reduce hunger, malnutrition, and destitution in Timorese society,” he stated.

The visits showcased the government’s focus on engaging directly with marginalized communities and addressing their fundamental needs through tangible actions backed by policy commitments.