Maputo, Mozambique, July 6, 2024. President of the Republic, J. Ramos-Horta visited the Aga Khan Academy in Maputo, Mozambique. The visit highlighted the importance of education in Timor-Leste’s development since its independence, with Ramos-Horta noting the country’s progress in expanding higher education institutions and student numbers.

During his visit, the President emphasized the need for specialized training in technological and scientific fields, particularly in Artificial Intelligence, to face future challenges. He urged developing countries to focus their educational efforts on areas that promote innovation and global competitiveness.

Ramos-Horta also discussed the critical issue of water scarcity, encouraging young Timorese to pursue studies in water-related fields. Additionally, he addressed ongoing efforts to expand the use of Portuguese in Timor-Leste, praising the support of former Portuguese colonies, such as Mozambique, in this effort.

The visit to the Aga Khan Academy, part of a prestigious international network, allowed President Ramos-Horta to explore potential educational collaborations. Horta expressed interest in learning from Mozambique’s experience to improve the teaching of exact sciences in Timor-Leste, aiming to better prepare the country’s youth for future challenges.

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