Dili, June 12, 2024 – President José Ramos-Horta extended a warm welcome to participants of the Timor-Leste and Australia Economic & Business Conference held in Dili this week. The three-day event brought together Australian companies, international investors, and local business leaders to explore opportunities for economic cooperation and partnership between the two nations.

In his remarks at the conference, the President expressed appreciation for long-term foreign investors committed to Timor-Leste, recognizing individuals like Sakib Awan who has successfully operated businesses in the country for over two decades despite challenges.

Ramos-Horta encouraged entrepreneurs not to be deterred from pursuing endeavors in small nations like Timor-Leste. Sharing a motivational story, he highlighted the steadfast entrepreneurial spirit required and underscored Timor-Leste’s potential to accommodate investment across sectors.

The President aimed to inspire confidence among the Australian delegation and other international participants about the economic prospects in partnering with Timor-Leste. Local Timorese business representatives also engaged with the visiting investors and companies at the conference venue, Hotel Timor.

Reaffirming his administration’s commitment, Ramos-Horta stated the government’s focus on creating an enabling environment conducive for investment. Conference sessions spotlighted key sectors like agriculture, tourism, oil and gas, and infrastructure development, with an emphasis on facilitating business deals and networking opportunities.

The Presidency welcomes sustainable investment that generates economic growth, job creation, and diverse opportunities to improve the livelihoods of the Timorese people.

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