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The 1st of May is a significant date when we honor and celebrate the contributions of all workers around the world. International Labour Day is an occasion for workers globally to unite in solidarity, we come together to celebrate the fruits of our labour and to recognize the progress made in improving working conditions.

On International Workers’ Day, we look ahead with pride at the advancements we have achieved for workers in Timor-Leste. We acknowledged the great efforts of all workers who contribute to the economic and social development of our young nation.

However, there is still work to be done. We must ensure that all workers have safe employment, dignified conditions, and the ability to support their families adequality. We must continue to uphold workers’ rights and ensure equal opportunities for all.

Today, we celebrate the hard work, dedication and sacrifices of the working people of our nation. You are the backbone of Timor-Leste’s economy and development. Through your daily toil and efforts, our country moves forward.

United in our efforts, we can build a stronger, more prosperous, and more equitable Timor-Leste for all workers and their families.

I wish all workers a happy Labour Day celebration, filled with peace and joy, and may the year ahead bring us more prosperity and progress.


President of Timor-Leste and Nobel Peace Laureate


Loron 1 fulan-maiu mak data signifikante ida bainhira ita fó onra no selebra kontribuisaun husi traballadór sira iha mundu tomak. Loron Internasionál Traballadór nian hanesan oportunidade ida ba traballadór sira iha nivel globál atu hamutuk iha solidariedade, ita halibur hamutuk hodi selebra ita-nia rezultadu servisu no rekoñese progresu ne’ebé ita halo hodi hadi’a kondisaun servisu nian.

Iha Loron Internasionál Traballadór nian, ita hateke ba oin ho orgullu ba progresu ne’ebé ita hetan ona ba traballadór sira iha Timor-Leste. Ami rekoñese esforsu boot husi traballadór hotu-hotu ne’ebé kontribui ba dezenvolvimentu ekonómiku no sosiál iha ita-nia nasaun joven ida ne’e.

Maibé, sei iha servisu atu halo. Ita tenki garante katak traballadór hotu-hotu iha empregu ne’ebé seguru, kondisaun digna no iha kapasidade atu sustenta sira-nia família ho adekuadu. Ita tenki kontinua  defende direitu traballadór sira-nian no asegura oportunidade ne’ebé hanesan ba hotu-hotu ka ema hotu.

Ohin loron, ita selebra serbisu maka’as, dedikasaun no sakrifísiu sira husi traballadór sira iha ita-nia nasaun. Ita-boot sira sai nu’udar kabas ba ekonomia no dezenvolvimentu Timor-Leste nian. Liu husi ita-nia servisu maka’as no esforsu loroloron nian, ita-nia nasaun sei la’o ba oin.

Unidu iha ita-nia esforsu sira, ita bele harii Timor-Leste ida-ne’ebé forte liu, prósperu liu, no ida-ne’ebé ekuitativu liu ba traballadór hotu-hotu no sira-nia família.

Ha’u desezu ba traballadór  sira hotu ksolok ba selebrasaun Loron Traballadór nian, nakonu ho pás no ksolok, no hein katak tinan oin mai sei lori prosperidade no progresu barak liután mai ita.


Prezidente Timor-Leste no Lauriadu Nobel ba Pás

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