President Ramos-Horta Hosts Roundtable on
Oral Tradition, Culture and Literature in Timor-Leste

Dili, May 17th, 2024

President and Nobel Peace Laureate, J. Ramos-Horta hosted a roundtable discussion on Oral Tradition, Culture and Literature in Timor-Leste, held at the Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace.
The event aimed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the nation’s diverse cultural landscapes.

In his opening remarks, President Ramos-Horta, a renowned advocate for cultural preservation and dialogue, underscored the importance of safeguarding Timor-Leste’s intangible cultural heritage and the promotion of understanding and appreciation among the nation’s diverse communities.

The roundtable featured a keynote lecture by eminent anthropologist Dr. Shepard Forman, titled “An Auto-ethnography: an anthropologist among the Makassae people.” Dr. Forman’s extensive fieldwork provided invaluable insights into the lived experiences and oral histories of the Makassae community. PhD student Natércia do Rosário presented the enthralling “Noy de Mel” Myth, a captivating oral tradition from the Makassae community, illustrating the depth of Timor-Leste’s cultural richness.

A series of presentations and discussions covered a wide range of topics, including Cultural Aspects of the People of Samoro: Tebedai Letodak, “Dadolin” popular literature of oral tradition from the Tetum Terik community, Oral Literature and Culture in Timor-Leste, General Description of the Macassae Language, Oral History and Field Research.

In collaboration with the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL), the roundtable brough together academics, researchers, and cultural experts, fostering a multidisciplinary dialogue on preserving and promoting Timor-Leste’s priceless intangible cultural heritage.

The roundtable was an opportunity to explore a variety of cultural, linguistic, and literary aspects related to the Timorese people and culture in general. It can help strengthen collaboration between academic institutions, government authorities, and civil society, aiming to preserve and promote the Timorese culture and literature, including its oral tradition.

As has been the focus of the President, the event also an opportunity to raise awareness at both institutional and public levels about the importance of studies and research in these aspects, to help inform and guide the development of more effective and comprehensive social policies.


Prezidente Ramos-Horta Organiza Diskusaun Meza Redonda Kona-ba
Tradisaun Orál, Kultura no Literatura iha Timor-Leste

Dili, 17 Maiu, 2024

Prezidente no Laureadu Nobel ba Pás, J. Ramos-Horta organiza diskusaun meza redonda ida-ne’ebé hala’o iha Palásiu Prezidensiál Nicolau Lobato. Eventu ne’e ho objetivu atu hasa’e kompriensaun no apresiasaun kle’an liután kona-ba paizajen kulturál oioin iha nasaun ne’e.

Iha ninia diskursu abertura, Prezidente Ramos-Horta, halo advokasia maka’as ba prezervasaun kulturál no diálogu, subliña importánsia atu proteje Timor-Leste nia patrimóniu kulturál intangivel no promove komprensaun no apresiasaun entre komunidade oioin iha nasaun ne’e.

Enkontru meza redonda ne’e hatudu diskursu importante ida husi eminente antropologu Dr. Shepard Forman, ho títulu “Auto-etnografia ida: antropologu ida iha ema Makassae nia leet.” Dr. Forman nia serbisu iha kampu ne’e fó informasaun ne’ebé importante tebes kona-ba esperiénsia moris no istória orál husi komunidade Makassae. Estudante PhD Natércia do Rosario aprezenta mito “Noy de Mel” ne’ebé kaputura tradisaun orál husi komunidade Makassae, hodi hatudu kona-ba riku-soin kulturál Timor-Leste nian.

Seria aprezentasaun no diskusaun lubuk ida-ne’ebé kobre tópiku oioin, inklui mós aspetu kulturál sira husi Povu Samoro: Tebedai Letodak, livru populár “Dadolin” kona-ba tradisaun orál husi komunidade Tetum Terik, Literatura Orál no Kultura iha Timor-Leste, Deskrisaun Jerál Lian Makassae, Istória Orál no Peskiza Kampu.

Liuhusi kolaborasaun ho Universidade Nasional Timor-Lorosa’e (UNTL), enkontru halibur hamutuk akadémiku, peskizadór no peritu kulturál sira, hodi promove diálogu multidisciplináriu ida kona-ba prezervasaun no promosaun patrimóniu kulturál intangivel ne’ebé folin boot iha Timor-Leste.

Meza Redonda ne’e hanesan oportunidade ida atu esplora aspetu kulturál, linguistíku no literáriu oioin relasiona ho povu Timor-Leste no kultura iha jerál. Ida ne’e bele ajuda hametin kolaborasaun entre instituisaun akadémiku sira, autoridade governu sira, no sosiedade sivíl, ho objetivu atu prezerva no promove kultura no literatura Timor nian, inklui ninia tradisaun orál.

Hanesan prezidente foka ona, eventu ne’e mós hanesan oportunidade ida atu hasa’e konsiénsia iha nivel institusionál no públiku kona-ba importánsia estudu no peskiza iha aspetu hirak-ne’e, hodi tulun informa no orienta dezenvolvimentu polítika sosiál ne’ebé efetivu no komprehensivu liu.