Dili, June 07th, 2024

President and Nobel Peace Laureate, J. Ramos-Horta warmly welcomed the Minister of Justice of the Portuguese Republic, Mrs. Rita Alarcão Júdice, to the Nicolau Lobato Presidential Palace. The visit coincides with the celebrations marking the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities.

Timor-Leste and Portugal share a deep historical bond dating back to Timor-Leste’s time as a Portuguese colony until its independence in 1975. The two nations continue to nurture strong ties, with Portugal providing development assistance to Timor-Leste in areas such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and building public administration capacity.

As members of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), Portugal and Timor-Leste have a platform for bilateral cooperation and cultural exchange. Their shared cultural, linguistic, and historical ties have facilitated diplomatic relations and cooperation across various fields.

President Ramos-Horta and Minister of Justice engaged in fruitful discussions on ways to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two nations. They explored opportunities for enhanced cooperation within the justice system, education, capacity building, and people-to-people relations.

President Ramos-Horta expressed his gratitude for Portugal’s continued support and commitment to Timor-Leste’s development journey. He emphasized the importance of the long-standing partnership between the two countries and highlighted the potential for future cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

The visit of Minister Júdice reinforces the enduring friendship and cooperation between Portugal and Timor-Leste, rooted in their shared history and aspirations for progress and prosperity.




Dili, 07 Juñu 2024 

Prezidente no Laureadu Nobel ba Pás J. Ramos-Horta, simu ho laran-haksolok Ministra Justisa Repúblika Portugal nian, Sra, Rita Alarcão Júdice, mai Palásiu Prezidensiál Nicolau Lobato. Vizita ne’e koinside ho komemorasaun Loron Portugal, Camōes no Komunidade Portugueza sira. 

Timor-Leste no Portugal iha ligasaun istórika ida-ne’ebé kle’an tebes, ne’ebé mai husi Timor-Leste nia tempu nu’udar kolonia Portugeza to’o nia independénsia iha 1975. Nasaun rua ne’e kontinua haburas relasaun ne’ebé forte, ho Portugal fornese asisténsia dezenvolvimentu ba Timor-Leste iha área sira hanesan edukasaun, kuidadu saúde, infraestrutura no kapasitasaun administrasaun públika. 

Nu’udar membru Komunidade Pais Lian Portugeza (CPLP), Timor-Leste no Portugal iha plataforma ida ba kooperasaun bilaterál no interkambiu kulturál. Sira-nia relasaun kulturál, linguístiku no istóriku ne’ebé sira iha fasilita ona relasaun diplomátika no kooperasaun iha área oioin. 

Prezidente Ramos-Horta no Ministra Justisa halo diskusaun kona-ba dalan atu hametin liután relasaun bilaterál entre nasaun rua ne’e. Sira esplora oportunidade hodi reforsa kooperasaun iha sistema judisiál, edukasaun, kapasitasaun, no relasaun entre povu.

Prezidente Ramos-Horta hato’o ninia agradesimentu ba Portugal ne’ebe kontinua fo apoiu no komitmentu ba iha jornada dezenvolvimentu Timor-Leste nian. Prezidente subliña importánsia husi parseria ne’ebé naruk entre nasaun rua ne’e no subliña poténsial ba kooperasaun iha futuru iha área sira ne’ebé iha interese mutual. 

Vizita Ministru Júdice reforsa amizade no kooperasaun ne’ebé sei kontinua entre Timor-Leste no Portugal, ne’ebé metin iha sira-nia istória no aspirasaun ba progresu no prosperidade. 


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