President Ramos-Horta Welcome The Sultan of Brunei Darussalam to Timor-Leste for 22nd Anniversary of National Independence Restoration Day

Dili, May 20th, 2024

President and Nobel Peace Laureate, J. Ramos-Horta warmly welcome His Majesty Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, The Sultan of Brunei Darussalam to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. This state visit marked His Majesty’s first visit to Timor-Leste as the special guest of honor at the commemoration ceremony for the 22nd Anniversary of Timor-Leste’s National Independence Restoration Day, held at the Nicola Lobato Presidential Palace.

During the ceremony, President Ramos-Horta bestowed the Grand Collar of the Order of Timor-Leste upon His Majesty Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, The Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, in recognition of his leadership and contributions to regional peace and stability. As one of ASEAN’s forerunners, the Sultan has tirelessly worked to consolidate unity and peace in the region.

The close ties between Brunei Darussalam and Timor-Leste are strengthened by their shared status as small, young nations in ASEAN, as well as their robust cooperation in the oil and gas industry. This union exemplifies their mutual commitment to economic diversification and determination to foster substantial cooperation between both countries.

President Ramos-Horta celebrate the close friendship between the two nations, rooted in shared values and a joint endeavor to promote citizen well-being. He praised His Majesty as “an outstanding global leader” and Brunei as “a beacon of peace and stability in a turbulent world.”

“Brunei Darussalam is a true Abode of Peace, a beacon of hope in this seemingly hopeless world.” Stated the President. “An example of how great Statemen and Leaders can achieve and deliver peace, harmony and tranquillity to their peoples.”

The President expressed gratitude for His Majesty’s support of Timor-Leste accession to ASEAN and commitment to the nation’s journey of progress and regional integration. He highlighted Brunei’s remarkable human development and economic achievements as a model for the region, calling for expanded cooperation across sectors like tourism, education, health and environmental protection.

“We are committed to seizing the opportunities offered by the Green and Blue Economy, aligning ourselves with the commitments made to ASEAN and the objectives of COP28,” said the President, urging the private sectors of both nations to forge new ventures promoting sustainable development.

After the commemoration ceremony, President Ramos-Horta held a one-on-one meeting with His Majesty, followed by bilateral discussion on further strengthening relations and enhancing the goodwill and friendship between the two countries.

“May this state Visit be a reminder of what we can achieve together and an inspiration for an ever-brighter future for Timor-Leste and Brunei Darussalam,” Stated President Ramos-Horta.


Prezidente Ramos-Horta Fó Benvindu Sultan Brunei Darussalam ba Timor-Leste ba Loron Nasionál Restaurasaun Independénsia ba da-22

Dili, 20 Maiu 2024

Prezidente no Laureadu Nobel ba Pás, J. Ramos-Horta simu ho laran-kmanek Sua Majestade Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultaun Brunei Darussalam mai Repúblika Demokratika Timor-Leste. Vizita Estadu ida ne’e marka vizita dahuluk Sua Majestade nian mai Timor-Leste nu’udar Honorariu konvidadu espesiál ba iha serimónia komemorasaun Loron Nasionál Restaurasaun Independénsia Timor-Leste nian ba da-22 ne’ebé hala’o iha Palásiu Prezidensiál Nicolau Lobato.

Iha serimónia ida ne’e Prezidente Ramos-Horta fó onra Grande Colar orden Timor-Leste nian ba sua Majestade Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultaun Brunei Darussalam, hodi rekoñese nia lideransa no kontribuisaun ba pás no estabilidade rejionál. Hanesan ema ida-ne’ebé kontribui hari’i ASEAN, Sultán servisu maka’as hodi konsolida unidade no pás iha rejiaun ne’e.

Ligasaun ne’ebé besik entre Brunei Darussalam no Timor-Leste reforsa liu husi sira-nia estatutu hamutuk hanesan nasaun ki’ik, nasaun joven iha ASEAN, nune’e mós sira-nia kooperasaun forte iha indústria mina-rai no gás. Uniaun ida-ne’e hanesan ezemplifika sira-nia kompromisu mutual ba diversifikasaun ekonómika no determinasaun atu promove kooperasaun substansiál entre nasaun rua ne’e.

Prezidente Ramos-Horta selebra relasaun amizade ne’ebé besik entre nasaun rua ne’e, ne’ebé metin liu-husi valór ne’ebé hanesan no esforsu hamutuk atu promove sidadaun sira-nia moris-di’ak. Nia hahi’i Sua Majestade nu’udar “lider globál ne’ebé di’ak liu” no Brunei nu’udar “ezemplu ida ba pás no estabilidade iha mundu ne’ebé nakdoko maka’as”.

“Brunei Darussalam hanesan fatin loloos ba moris iha pás, nudar esperansa iha mundu ida ne’ebé hanesan laiha ona esperansa.” Deklara Prezidente. “Ezemplu ida kona-ba oinsá mak Estadu no Lider sira bele alkansa no lori pás, armónia no hakmatek ba sira-nia povu.”

Prezidente hato’o nia agradesimentu ba Sua Majestade nia apoiu ba adezaun Timor-Leste nian ba ASEAN no kompromisu ba progresu jornada no integrasaun rejionál nasaun nian. Nia ko’alia liu kona-ba Brunei nia atinjimentu iha dezenvolvimentu umanu no susesu ekonómiku ne’ebé boot nu’udar modelu ida ba rejiaun ne’e, hodi apela ba kooperasaun ne’ebé boot liu iha setór sira hanesan turizmu, edukasaun, saúde no protesaun ambientál.

“Ami iha komitmentu atu aproveita oportunidade sira ne’ebé ekonomia Verde no Azul oferese, hodi aliña ami-nia an ho kompromisu sira ne’ebé halo ona ba ASEAN no objetivu sira husi COP28,” dehan Prezidente Repúblika, husu ba etór privadu sira husi nasaun rua ne’e hodi kria empreendimentu foun sira ne’ebé promove dezenvolvimentu sustentavel.

Hafoin serimónia komemorasaun, Prezidente Ramos-Horta hala’o sorumutu tête à tête ho Sua Majestade, tuir kedan ho diskusaun bilaterál hodi kontinua reforsa relasaun, hanoin di’ak no amizade entre nasaun rua ne’e.

“Hein katak vizita estadu ida-ne’e bele fó-hanoin fali kona-ba buat ne’ebé ita bele alkanna hamutuk no inspirasaun ba futuru ida ne’ebé naroman liu ba Timor-Leste no Brunei Darussalam,” hateten Prezidente Ramos-Horta.