Interesting Facts About Timor Leste

Learn interesting facts about Timor Leste, a heavenly natural refuge, magical and different, with its sacred mountains, its white sand shores bathed by turquoise waters and the pure air of a peaceful life are the attractive possibilities that this jewel of Southeast Asia can offer.

Timor Leste: Where is it?

The official name of Timor Leste is the Democratic Republic of East Timor, although it is also known as East Timor or Timor Lorosa’e, it is a beautiful country, which nestled in Southeast Asia is an interesting place full of ancient traditions that offers you an experience unique tourist.

Touring Timor Leste is an exciting adventure, wherever you look you have natural beauties to discover and enjoy. It is located 500 kilometers from Australia and off the coast of Timor Leste you can enjoy stunning views of the Timor Sea.

Timor Leste is made up of the territory that is located on the eastern side of the Island of Timor, it also includes the Atauro and Jaco Islands that are located very close to the coast and the exclave Oecusse, which is surrounded by the lands that are under the rule of Indonesia.

Dili is the capital city of East Timor, it is the most populated and with the best tourist services, to get there, you can take a plane from Bali, Singapore or from Australia.

Relevant historical data

Timor Leste’s past is marked by Portuguese colonization, from which they have inherited important aspects such as language and cultural characteristics.

Currently in the country two languages ​​are officially spoken, Tetun, which has many words of Portuguese and Malay origin. The Portuguese language is inherited from the days of the occupation, it is difficult to find someone who speaks fluent English although the natives use it in a rudimentary way.

After East Timor achieved its independence in 1975, it was occupied by Indonesia, becoming one of its provinces, until the year 1999 passed a period of transition at the hands of the UN, which ended in 2002 when the country becomes a Sovereign State.

Cultural data

Timor Leste is a country with a traditional culture, the natives love their traditions and pass them on from father to son in a heritage of incredible customs.

Throughout the country we can see the influence of Western culture, as you can feel the passion that the locals feel for football, restaurants that offer typical Portuguese dishes and the taste for cockfighting.

As a curious fact, Timor Leste is a country where the majority of its population is Catholic, along with the Philippines are the only two countries in Asia in which Catholicism is the dominant religion.

In the bay of Dili you can see an image very similar to that of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, but of a reduced size.

Places to visit in Timor Leste

In East Timor you can enjoy the waters with the greatest diversity of marine species in the world.

The crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand, giving way to the deep blue of the Timor Sea, are impressive sources of marine life that you can admire by doing water activities such as diving and guided walks along the best beaches in the country.

On the Island of Atauro you can enjoy calm days of bright sun and walks, enjoying the typical dishes of fresh fish that are found in the surroundings and are obtained in a peculiar way by the Wawata Topu women who are dedicated to spear fishing.

If you are adventurous, you will like the Island of Jaco, to get there you walk 8 kilometers along a rocky path, where you will enjoy a spectacular virgin paradise.

In Timor Leste you can enjoy beautiful and colorful typical costumes, which the locals usually wear on special celebration days, at weddings and other ceremonies, the country practices the trade of indigenous woven articles made with traditional techniques.

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